The Story

The tale starts in Lisbon where each street has been decorated with azulejos for hundreds of years. Legacy of the Iberian Peninsula conquest by Muslim invaders, these beautiful hand-painted tiles bring colours to the walls of the city, bestowing its unique light. In the 15th century, Portugal was a strong international Empire and its global reach allowed the Portuguese to play a vital role in major discoveries. Mosaics found across the former colonies in Asia, Africa, Oceania and South America are the reflection of the many cultures encountered within the Lusitanian Empire.

Walking the streets of Central Lisbon, surrounded by the magnificent decor, Sandrine Da Costa imagined the fusing of tile essence to eyewear. This Portuguese art, recognised as an UNESCO world heritage, perfectly integrates French craftsmanship to reveal a wealth of colours between azulejos and acetate of the famous Italian house Mazzucchelli. This innovative production technique is used exclusively for Clush Eyewear.
Each piece is manufactured in limited quantities and represents the colours and character of its inspiring country such as Lisbon for Portugal, Macau for China or Sao Luis for Brazil…

Clush Eyewear delivers a lust for travel.

Da Costa

Sandrine Da Costa is an optician with great passion for luxury. A childhood spent between the cities of Paris and Lisbon led to the development of her elegant style and a flair for discovery. Her flourishing interest in art and savoir faire was found within leading fashion houses such as Hermès or Louis Vuitton. In 2011, after having learned the ropes at some of the most renowned glasses manufacturers, incorporating entrepreneurial aptitude, Sandrine Da Costa opened her first Parisian boutique, The House of Eyewear. She has since served and delighted clients in the very chic district of the Golden Triangle.

Having earned the prestigious Advanced Certificate in Luxury from Paris famous HEC business school, Sandrine offers connoisseurs the best products found on the international eyewear market. The close relationships she has developed with some of the most gifted designers inspired Sandrine Da Costa
to create her own collection.

In 2014, eager to bring a new life to the optical industry, Sandrine Da Costa blended the best of both cultures, the French craftsmanship and the unique Portuguese spirit. Numerous travels across Europe led to built connections with highly talented artisans which in turn inspired Sandrine
to introduce a fresh new line : Clush Eyewear.

  • 2001

    Sandrine discovers a passion
    for eyewear and luxury.

  • 2008

    Sandrine starts working for the beautiful brand
    “Les plus belles lunettes du monde”.

  • 2011

    Grand opening of her first Parisian boutique,
    The House of Eyewear, on rue François 1er.

  • 2013

    Sandrine has the idea
    to adorn glasses with ceramics.

  • 2015

    Birth of Clush Eyewear.